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Very Low Maintenance Saltwater or Freshwater Patented Organic Formula

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Aqua Bella Aquarium's sleek wall mounted aquarium line is an absolute must have with today's modern wall mounted TV's and rising cost of real estate. Now with Aqua Bella Aquarium line anyone can include a beautiful fresh or saltwater wall mounted aquarium into a business, house, condo, apartment, yacht, or motor home.

While most aquariums are maintenance prone Aqua Bella has a patented organic formula for continued clean water to make your aquarium experience truly enjoyable and very low maintenance without hassle.

Benefits of our wall mounted aquarium's include that they can be mounted eye level enhancing user experience keeping still in view of children however out of the reach of toddlers, cats, or dogs. Our aquarium sizes vary so rest assured as an aquarium is most likely suited to your place of living or place of business.

Fresh or saltwater aquarium without any modifications, which is a standard feature with all our aquarium line. The aquarium can accept fresh or saltwater without any alteration.

View Our Wall Mount Aquarium Installation Guide

View Our Wall Mount Aquarium Setup Guide

Aqua Bella Fish Tank Benefits and Features

  • Live Aquariums are medically proven to decrease stress and lower blood pressure
  • Hangs on wall like a picture living art
  • Excellent conversation piece
  • No water change needed for 1 year with our proprietary enzyme formula
  • Fresh or Saltwater without Modifications

The aquarium is easy to setup and includes everything needed.

  • Two Advanced Pumps (Built In)
  • Four Filters Included (Built In)
  • Light (Built In)
  • Patented Organic Formula for Clean Water
  • Thermometer
  • Fish Net
  • Remote Control (on 41 models)
  • Versatile Thermometer
  • Plant Pincer
  • Underwater Plant Scissors
  • Fish Tank Brush
  • Floating Magnetic Brush
  • Background Picture
  • Three Heavy Duty Brackets (on 41 models)
  • One Year Warranty
  • Wall Mounted
  • Instruction Booklet
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